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Write For Us

Sugar Loco is always seeking people with a passion for dessert and who can write good original quality posts, and take amazing pictures of it!


Do you love dessert?  Do you talk about the last great dessert you had with your friends? Have a sense of humor and enjoy writing in a fun, conversational way?  Seek out the latest hot spots for dessert; we’ll even help you find them!

Writer Exposure

This is an unpaid opportunity to share your writing with our growing fan-base visit daily. Some great perks include, DESSERT!  When we get our name out in your city don’t be surprised if you’re invited to tastings, events, and other fun opportunities.  We also give you the option to receive desserts delivered to your home to try. Additionally, you will get full credit for the post, a bio including your head shot with a link to your business or blog website. This is a great opportunity to gain some exposure for yourself, network, showcase charities you are involved with, and your favorite spots in the city.

We field many requests to write for Sugar Loco, so the process is a competitive one. We seek the best-of-the-best, writers in-the-know who want to share their knowledge with like-minded readers and have fun in the process. All work is reviewed before publication and none of our articles are self-published. Articles are published upon approval, so if a post is not up to our quality standards it may not be published. Your article will be reviewed to make sure the content is appropriate for the magazine, and may be sent back to you for rewrites.


The guidelines are in place to ensure that the quality of posts and integrity of the site remains high.

  • Any images used in the post cannot mess up the design of the site. As a guideline, the max width of any picture you post should not exceed 550 pixels.
  • Although, you don’t need to be a “professional photographer”, excellent quality photos are a must!
  • It is OK to link to your own blog if it is relevant to do so. However, you should not write articles around topics to justify a link to your blog and you should not actively encourage visitors to visit your blog. Remember, you get a link to your blog in your bio so that your site gets exposure.
  • Posts are due within 7 days of reviewing/tasting

How do I get started?

Contributing writers, please contact us at [email protected], if you would like us to consider you. Make sure you give us details of your own blog or a link to some articles you have written.

A good idea:  Crawl around our site to see what we’re looking for in terms of expectations and writing style.