Watermelon Wave Press from @HardRock Cafe!!!

HRC Watermelon Wave Press

Last week we brought you the delicious Twist and Shout Milkshake from Hard Rock Cafe. We liked it so much not only because it was a booze-filled milkshake with DIY instructions, but also because the presentation (bacon pieces on top) was a little, well, loco!

That’s why we HAVE to show you this new drink from Hard Rock Cafe before National Watermelon Day. It’s called the Watermelon Wave Press, and the presentation is unlike anything you’ve seen before. The base is a watermelon puree with lemonade, fresh lemons and strawberries, which sounds amazing by itself. Added to that is some dragonberry rum and Cointreau, so you know this cocktail has some kick to it.

However, the presentation is where they really impressed us. The drink is served to your table in a French Coffee Press, which allows all of the juices from the fruit in the bottom to fully soak into the drink without giving you any chunks of pulp to deal with. Despite it being such a non-traditional way to serve a cocktail, Hard Rock gets extra points for the form AND function here. As a side note, this French Press idea sounds like a GREAT way to make a mean Sangria. But enough of that. On to the recipe!


Watermelon Wave Press

Ingredients – 

3 each Lemon Wedges

2 – 3 each Strawberries (depending on size), hulled & quartered

1 oz Watermelon Puree

(To make Watermelon Puree – remove the seeds from watermelon and cut into chucks then place into a blender and blend until smooth.  You may need to add sugar if the watermelon is not sweet)

1 oz Cointreau

2 oz Bacardi Dragonberry Rum

7 oz Lemonade (pick your favorite brand)

7 oz Lemon-Lime Soda


Hard Rock uses a French Coffee press to make this drink, but for making at home you can use a 20 oz glass pitcher or other containerThe recipe can be made several hours in advance to allow the fruit to better incorporate into the mix.

Add fruit and puree to the pitcher

Lightly muddle fruit in bottom to release the juices before adding liquid ingredients.

Add all remaining ingredients and stir.  Fill serving glasses with ice, and pour.


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