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Ever since I was little I have had a sweet tooth, I think I get it from my dad who loved to eat a bowl of ice cream before bed.  Everything from giant  jawbreakers to decadent cakes, I love it all! My mom taught me to CRAVE the cake!  I remember every birthday getting a gourmet birthday cake from a little bakery in Wheatridge, Colorado – with sky-high piled buttercream.  Unfortunately, that bakery is no longer around, but my sweet tooth is (I can taste that cake in my mouth right now).  My mom also taught me about portions…BIG portions.  When I cut the cake, you can pretty much plan on getting about half of it on your skimpy little cake plate (those aren’t big enough, btw).

When we sit down at a restaurant, I always look at the desserts before I decide what I am actually eating.  In fact, I would usually prefer to just skip straight to dessert, but I know most would consider that poor table manners. I choose my restaurant based on the type of desserts they offer.  No good desserts, I don’t visit.

Ok, so you get the idea, this is something we were born with. Like eye color or…is it?  Sweet Tooth – nature or nurture? Only God knows, I guess.  HA!

Thanks to sharing a Sweet Tooth, we became fast friends on Twitter.  We even developed a rivalry of sorts. Yes, total sweets smack talk….but seriously, you know who’s sweet tooth is bigger…it’s mine. It began with chatter, and escalated to sending each other pictures of our delicious desserts.  Homemade treats, luxurious restaurant indulgences, or a simple favorite candy, we tried our best to outdo the other with our sweet splurges.

Confections are my addiction – and I don’t think it has anything to do with the sugar buzz, it’s all about the hunt, the chase and the kill – the perfect combo of flavors and textures is the goal. And presentation! I am a sucker for the presentation.  I love when something looks so amazing that you almost hate to ruin it with that first bite.  When it tastes as good as it looks, that is perfection of the sweetest kind.  Luckily, we were able to put our delicious duel behind us (because I won), and Sugar Loco was born, errr, baked? We are excited to get this baby rolling to share with you the best of the best on the web, in stores, local places to dessert, and share recipes you can make on your own to impress the pants off of anyone who indulges.

Welcome to Sugar Loco, we’re living our sweetest dreams…how about you?

About the Sugar Loco founders…

Tracy Corcoran

Tracy Corcoran

Tracy started selling accessories on Etsy in 2008 and also blogs about the vibrant handmade community on Sweet Harper. She loves shopping for unique gifts that are local and/or artisan made.

Tracy lives in Minneapolis with her high school sweetheart and two children.  If Tracy were a dessert she would be a heaping scoop of birthday cake ice cream in a handmade waffle cone (you know, the kind that have a malted milk ball waiting for you at the bottom).


Jenny Ford

Jenny Ford

Jenny’s first business endeavor began 10 years ago when she founded Monkey Toes, which recently acquired a major licensing deal which will boost her company to amazing degrees. Her love for business and start-ups ensures her a spot as a serial entrepreneur – and Sugar Loco is her next venture.

Jenny is the wife to a fire fighter and mother of 3. If Jenny was a dessert she’d be a chocolate cupcake (tons of butter cream frosting) and vanilla ice cream combo, “extra sprinkles please” – a classic dessert with a spoonful of silly and just the right combination of chocolate and vanilla.

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  • January 15, 2011


    omg! i followed this a week or two back and didn’t realize it was by you tracey! now i am even more dedicated! how awesome:)