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It’s also just as delicious other days of the week.

Denver has a handful of extremely accomplished and talented restaurateurs, and Frank Bonanno, behind numerous Mile High favorites such as Luca d’Italia, Mizuna, Bones, etc., is also a sugar leader and trendsetter. We’ve written for years how pies would become the new cupcakes, and Bonanno is helping transform Lodo into this sugary landscape.


Bonanno first opened Wednesday’s Pie on signature Larimer Square in 2010. The shop only sold pies on Wednesdays until inventory ran out. Well, what began as a weekly delicacy, quickly turned into a daily treat for humble pie fans everywhere. Located in partnership with another Bonanno classic, Green Russell, this pie shop has found a happy home amongst the business and tourist epicenter of the city. The pie shop is the entrance for Green Russell and also supplies pies to other Bonanno restaurants including Russell’s Smokehouse and Lou’s Food Bar.

33 After polishing off delightful Brussels sprouts, smoked potted trout dip, homemade pretzels in beer-cheese sauce and a salmon salad, I could barely stuff another mouthful in—even dessert! Really! I had to take this assignment home with me.

After a fresh cup of Early Gray, my palate was cleansed and I was ready for pie time, i.e. my meal in between lunch and dinner.

I went for the Helliemae’s Chili Palmer Pecan to begin my journey. My mom raised me on fresh basked pies, and pecan is one of her specialties. Sadly, my mother has competition. (note to self: don’t send mom this post!) Wednesday’s Pie has perfected the pecan pie with this heat-infused nut treat. The crust embodies the delicate combination of hearty pie texture with crunch and a hint of moisture, the pecans are cooked perfectly and densely packed and the slow, yet subtle, sweet-chile after-burn is delightful. Well done.


Next up at bat was the Carmel Apple. This rich caramel was definitely a stand out in taste and flavor, but the slow cooked apples couldn’t help but shine through. My third seasonal pie, the Maple Pumpkin Bourbon, was quite the “dessert” for my pie meal. It, too, was very dense with a crisp, fat crust. However unique this twist on pumpkin pie, the pecan was surely the winner this afternoon.


What’s to order for the holidays? Wednesday’s Pie is offering the following pie flavors: Mulled Blueberry, Butterscotch Banana, Maple Bourbon Pumpkin, Caramel Apple, Helliemae’s Chili Palmer Pecan and Chocolate Campari(?) Cherry. People are welcome to order these flavors through Dec. 20th for Dec. 23rd pick-up date. Otherwise, people are welcome to drop-in to the shop, where flavors will depend on availability. Visit wednesdayspie.com for more information and pie stats!


Maple Bourbon Pumpkin: $20

Caramel Apple, Banana Butterscotch, Mulled Blueberry, Chocolate Campari Cherry: $25

Helliemae’s Chili Palmer Pecan: $30


All pies are 9 inches.


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PS – we did devour these treats for free, but only write about our favorite things – this is our opinion


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