What a Sweet Little Dessert Cookbook

Everyone knows that if your dessert is super tiny you can eat just as much of it, but it will be cuter! Doughnut with sprinkles? Puhleez! I’ll have seventeen mini doughnuts with sprinkles; thank you very much! If you love to go all cute overload on dessert like I do, then the Petite Treats cookbook by Christy Beaver and Morgan Greenseth is just what you’re looking for.

Petite Treats Cookbook

The cookbook itself is pint-sized, with lots of gorgeous little pictures, and offers shows you how to miniaturize everything from tiny fruit scones and mini pies to bite-size brownies and cutesy cannoli. Look at this little carrot cake! Look!


Petite Treats is from the authors of Mini Pies who are also the founders of Seattle-based Mini Empire Bakery.

Our favorite so far was the glazed chocolate donuts and we have big plans to make teeny blackberry lime meringue pies for our next potluck where we will surely be dubbed Potluck Royalty and showered with confetti because of the awesomeness.

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