Whats a Vodka Zinger? – ZING ANYTHING! @ZingAnything

Before we start with anything, please say the word, “Zing”. Such a fun word right? Zing! Zing! Zing! Love it!

Ok – can you tell I’m a working mom of two that gets the lovely joy of staying home with my kiddos. So when it comes to a word like “Zing!” we’re having a good ol time.

Did you take that in – what I just said above. Working mom of two – stay at home – work and keep kids alive. Yaaaaaa……at the end of the day I NEED A DRINK! You probably needed a drink just thinking about staying home with 2 under 3 years of age, am I right?!

So let’s ZING some VODKA people!

Vodka Zinger

What is it?

The company Zing Anything is taking the approach of infusing fresh fruits into well, almost anything! And it doesn’t stop with just fruits – they are taking herbs and veggies too, creating natural and delicious flavored beverages right to our glass. With the Vodka Zinger you can mix up a healthy cocktail with no added sugar, plus you can use organic fruits like berries to flavor your drinks.

Zing Anything is stating that the Vodka Zinger is your new “wingman” serving up infused vodka with citrus fruits, strawberry, cucumber, hot pepper, raspberry, pineapple or rosemary crafting your own unique blend of cocktails.

I love that you can make a small batch for yourself or more to share and the best part is you can get creative! I am a “home-crafter” in the kitchen, mixing up new recipes for my family to enjoy, so now that this is easily available for drinks to share with friends – I am in love!

My creative juices are flowin and SO ARE THE COCKTAILS! (Flowin that is!)

Night Night Kiddos – It’s mommy’s time.

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