What’s your Guilty Pleasure? {Cookbook}

Do you do it in the car? Do you do it in the closet? How about before the kids wake up?

What’s your “Guilty Pleasure”?

Guilty Pleasures Cookbook

Gwen McKee & Barbara Moseley have compiled over 200 “scrumpdillyumptious” (as Gwen would say) recipes that are sure to become your new “Guilty Pleasures.”

The cookbook, Guilty Pleasures: Indulgences to Die For! consist of hand picked, along with original recipes from their database of more than 25,000 award-winning recipes included in their publisher, Quail Ridge Press’ nationally acclaimed Best of the Best State Cookbook Series.

Flipping through the pages I fantasized which recipes I would be baking once the kids hit the pillows for the night. Brickle Bars, Fantasy Chocolate Cheesecake, ooo, and stay tuned, I’ve got the recipe for Sweet Potato Pie to share.

Sinking into my fantasy oasis of sweets, I’ve got a few more guilty pleasures to add to my list!

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Recipe from Guilty Pleasures for Sweet Potato Pie… HERE

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