Who wants to win 1 Million Dollars with Pillsbury @Pillsbury

I’m pretty sure a Million Dollars would be pretty sweet to win right? Especially for all you talented bakers out there! Well now’s your chance with The 47th Pillsbury Bake Off. And the best part is….(besides the kazillion dollars) … Pillsbury® Gluten Free Refrigerated Dough makes its Bake-Off® Contest debut!

Pillsbury Bake Off for One Million Dollars

So, How Do I Enter?

You can view the complete rules here but I’ll give you a brief run down….

Enter your original recipe that uses two or more different eligible products and no more than seven total ingredients, not including :

  • Table, kosher or plain sea salt;
  • Black pepper;
  • Water at any temperature;
  • Cooking spray for pan treatment; or
  • Dusting of flour used to minimize sticking

To enter, go to www.bakeoff.com and submit your recipe using the online Entry Form.


Now through May 8, 2014. Remember, Original recipes may be submitted online at www.BakeOff.com



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