Who you callin a Smart Cookie?

Smart Cookie, where do I even begin with these clever little guys?

Owner and creator, Israel Jimenez has crafted up with his team of four some clever little treats that not only make you smile the moment you see them but also make you feel warm & happy as soon as you take that first bite. With names like The Valedictorian, Varsity Champ, Over-Achiever & The Class President, how could you not stop by their booth at the Phoenix Open Air Market?

I was giddy like a school girl at first glance by the “Spring Fling”, as it was so soft and delicate, made with homemade lemon curd. But then a flicker in my attention went straight to the “Smart Cookie”, with his nerdy little glasses and warmth of ginger. As quickly as a 16 year old jumps from one summer love to a fall romance, my heart was home when it came to the Class President. The rich peanut buttery flavor all wrapped up into a not too soft and not to crisp cookie made me know this love was a love that would last forever. Feel free to call the Class President my high school sweetheart.

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