Wine Lockers at al Lado {Denver}

At first I thought the al Lado wine locker was a place where they lock you in with your wine.  You know, kinda like that corner you hide in when you want to escape from the kids and just sip your wine, or eat your giant bowl of ice cream, in peace?  Without them begging for more bites, in which you ultimately just hand the bowl over to those little dessert vultures, because you can’t really swat at them like you would annoying flies, just so they’d go away? {bitter much??} And then I was corrected.

It is however a safe place for your wine (which may be slightly more important).  Apparently there are people out there who open a bottle and don’t finish it – speaking Greek to me.  Say you’d like to open a bottle of your favorite Late Harvest, or Port, but don’t feel like drinking the entire bottle in one sitting.  They’ll save it for you in your very own locker for 3 months.  Side note: wonder if you can decorate your own locker with pictures of your boyfriend and sticky notes from friends, too?  I don’t know, however I do know that this is the perfect gift for your favorite wine lover.  I also know that they’re offering Sugar Loco fans (hey, that’s YOU) special lockers of perfectly picked dessert wines (and my faves), called the Sugar Loco Wine Locker (original name, right?!).  al lado

Each Sugar Loco Wine Locker is filled with 3 bottles of top-notch dessert wines – one Otima 10 year Tawny port, one 1927 Alvear PX Sherry, one Susana Balboa Late Harvest Malbec, and one Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc.  What a fabulous gift that keeps giving for only $100!

Call and request the locker or stop by and ask for it by name, you’ll receive your membership card and gift package.  While you’re there, you might as well enjoy some dessert too, might I suggest the Crema Catalan?

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…






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