Name That Wine!

I know I’m speaking to the majority here when I say, “Don’t you just hate it when you don’t know if that’s your drink—-or is it that one?”

I’m the hostess at a party who always remembers to put out the black sharpie so guests can be sure to mark their glass. Is it border line tacky, yes. Does it erk me that I can’t come up with a better idea, yes. Would my guests think I’m totally weird if I printed out cute little decorative labels for each one of my cups so everyone had their own personalized little drinking glass – well, no – they wouldn’t think that’s weird FOR ME to do, but it’s far too time consuming for this hostess loving mommy of two under the age of three!

BUT!!! Listen here – THERE IS AN ANSWER!!! ::be sure to sing that out loud – because I did!::

Botanical Paper Works has created these adorable little drink tags so everyone knows which color they are OR they even have tags that have designated areas for your guests to write in their names.

Ok – so as if that didn’t resolve all your where’s my drink needs – it get’s better. These little drink tags are Eco-friendly too! Made out of seed paper, at the end of the night your guests can take them home, plant these babies and soon have a beautiful array of flowers to remember the night by.

So here you go men – listen up.  When you take your girl to a party and you’ve forgotten to bring her any flowers, you go on with your bad self and say, “Sweetie, here’s your drink….and these flowers, like us, are sure to grow!”  Trust me – this line will totally work! But you might want to wait and say it on her 3rd drink – just to be sure my corny line works!

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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