XXIV Karat Sparkling Wine Expands Distribution To California!!!


For starters –  this is probably the COOLEST sparkling wine we’ve ever seen. Usually with sparkling wines and champagnes, the cool factor comes from someone having been paid to drink it. Has anyone ever tried Ace of Spades Champagne? We have, and there’s NO WAY it should cost $300 a bottle. It’s not the worst sparkling wine we’ve ever tasted, however it’s certainly not the best. BUT, Jay-Z drinks it and raps about it, so that’s what you pay.


The problem with trying to make a “cool” sparkling wine is that taste can’t really be your differentiator. To the average person (none of you we’re sure!), the taste of one sparkling wine isn’t going to make it worth 10x any other selection’s cost. Most people just don’t have the refined palates required to know what’s a “good” flavor, what isn’t, and what hints of what flavors to be looking out for. The obvious solution is to pay exorbitant fees to popular entertainers to tell people how delicious their brand is.

The apparently not-so-obvious answer is to make your sparkling wine so intrinsically cool that you don’t need to pay someone to tell everyone that – everyone already knows. That’s the route taken by XXIV Karat Sparkling Wine. Presentation wise, they blow every other sparkling wine out of the water. Their bottles come infused with actual 24 karat gold flakes, and each bottle has an embedded LED to really make the gold sparkle!

Bottles Side by Side on White

Let’s face it – from time to time, we all like to feel like we’re living the lavish celebrity lifestyle, and this drink is the way to do it. It appears opulent and expensive without being either. Well, we guess it IS opulent to drink gold out of a light up bottle, but that’s kinda the point. XXIV Karat lets you live the lifestyle of the rich and famous without requiring you be either. And now it’s available in California! Drink up!


Want to learn more about XXIV Karat Sparkling Wine? Head over to their homepage to see when it’s available near you!

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