YaYa’s Euro Bistro {Denver}

My friend and fellow foodie – Chrissy of Clumsy Gourmet showed me a picture of this exact dessert.  She was obsessed with it so much that she’s been hounding me for about a year and a half to go try it.  I’m pretty sure she has a picture framed by the side of her bed of it too.  Yes, that obsessed with it.  {Excuse my horrific phone photography there, it was dark.  Hanging my head in photography shame now}Phyllo Wrapped Brownie from YaYa's Denver

Restaurant week was upon us and so I did.  I went to YaYa’s Euro Bistro I tried it, devoured it actually.  My husband ordered the Phyllo-Wrapped Brownie, I ordered the Honey Panna Cotta.  I proceeded to take a few bites of his, he tried one of mine (not being a huge non-chocolate dessert lover, he only had one), I tried mine (mmming a lot), I went back for a spoonful of his, then mine, then it happened.  I ate the last bite of his.  When he caught me I stared at him, big blue eyes trying to look sad and innocent, though the look on my face was more pleasure, I couldn’t hide it.  I was caught, red handed and brownie mouthed.

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