You dream it, They’ll bake it with The Scottsdale Bakery {Phoenix}

Picture if you will your favorite photo, sport, hobby whatever it may be and now take a moment to imagine it being in cupcake form. Pretty great right? Or is this just how I dream?

The Scottsdale Bakery is making ordinary things extraordinary by turning them into cakes and cupcakes – oh and did I mention, matching push pops too?

My mouth literally dropped when I met up with The Scottsdale Bakery with how adorable our custom cupcakes were! SUGAR LOCO CUPCAKES!! Seriously? It’s like they tip-toed into my dreams last night and snatched my sweetest dream.

Not only is their attention to detail so precise, but the cupcakes tasted just as wonderful too! When it comes to cupcakes you usually get one or the other: Adorable but lacking in flavor or if you’re like me when baking – amazing in flavor and mediocre in the decorating. But The Scottsdale Bakery has taken her list and checked it twice! I continued to sneak extra bites of the frosting as I couldn’t get over how yummy it was.

Oh yes, and the cake push-pops. How exactly do you eat one of these you might ask? Like a Three-Year-Old is how I’d have to answer. You’ve got to dive right in, get the frosting all over and have a great time. You seriously can’t not smile when you’re eating one of these.

Can’t wait to throw a party, just so we can order more cupcakes!

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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