We want Yummy Dough!

Alrighty folks, I am a mother of two toddlers (which I love to death) and I’m obviously head-over-heels about sweets (hello-dessert reviewer over here)  so can you imagine the abundance of joy that overflowed when I heard about Yummy Dough?!

I love to include the kids whenever I’m baking, so obviously they’ve had their fair share of “yummy” dough but the fact that I could so easily have the kids play with the Yummy Dough while I prepared dinner was perfect!

Yummy Dough comes in a powdered form and all you do is add water! (side note: make sure you only add the water as directed, one color I added a bit too much and it was really sticky – but you can just add flour to fix that problem — moral of story: follow directions!)  This Germany made product comes in 4 different colors which made it so much fun for the kids to play with. Although my (17 month old) son pretty much just loved taking bites, my daughter had fun designing different shapes and using the cookie cutters that I had.

Personally I’m all about whipping up a fresh batch of cookie dough, letting the kiddos play around and then baking for all to enjoy, BUT the Yummy Dough did serve it’s purpose. Kept the kids happy and having fun while mama prepared them some dinner!

If your not using it yourself as a fun activity for the kids, I think this would be a great gift for those friends of yours that feel so intimidated by baking that they never do it with their kids. They make it super easy – like the box cake of baking, but in cookie form!

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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