Yummy Drink From Licor 43 on National Beer Day!


I’m not sure if everyone loves caramel as much as I do, but if you don’t you should! That’s only one of the reasons I love Licor 43 so much. You can also pick up notes of vanilla and citrus in Licor 43 that are a welcome departure from the traditional caramel liqueur. It coats your mouth and warms your throat for instant satisfaction, and the more delicate flavors linger in the mouth for an AMAZING aftertaste. YUMMM!

You don’t even have to drink it to love it! Want to impress your significant other with some delicious pancakes? Add a splash or two to a frying pan with your favorite berries and cook until the berries break down. Pour over your pancakes or waffles and you have one DELICIOUS adult breakfast. You’re welcome 😉

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with National Beer Day, but this is the most exciting part to me! Licor 43 has come up with mini-beer drink recipe, so I can finally celebrate today with my gluten-free roommate! YAY! Here’s the description they sent me of the drink that has both my roomie and I RAVING!

Mini Beers, Big Taste –

 Start with 3/4 of a shot of Licor 43 –  a smooth Spanish liqueur comprised of 43 secret ingredients – in a small glass or mini-mug.

Carefully add a dash of cream to recreate the “foam head”

…And that’s it! In no time at all you’ve got a delicious shot that will inject a little more fun into your Beer Day celebration.

If you liked this recipe, or have another recipe idea for Licor 43, let them know @licor43usa or on their Facebook page!


Note: Licor 43 sent us this bottle to sample, but the opinions are our own. If we don’t like it, we don’t post it.

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