Zanda Panda Cookie Molds for Halloween

Fall is finally upon us and that means lots of baking in our house! I love all things fall. The colors, the scents, the desserts! Did I mention the desserts?!? From pumpkin bread to maple-flavored cookies, the fall season brings some tasty treats around our house.

In keeping with the fall themed treats around our house, I recently made Maple Gingerbread Cookies  using  Zanda Panda’s stoneware Halloween themed cookie molds. The set included a cute trio of a cat, bat and a witch. Everyone loves a fun shaped cookie, right? The cookies were not only delicious, but also easy to mold and the shape was perfect. The end result is a fun little shaped treat that your kids will love. My toddler loved the cat and meowed at it when I showed him what we made!

Zanda Panda cookie molds  make the perfect cookie for your little pumpkin’s school party, your own Halloween party, or for a nice treat for the little trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood.

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