Zengo {Denver}

Zengo is a place where I came to enjoy Cucumbers, because they make the best Cucumber Mojitos.  (Apparently it takes liquor to get me to enjoy my veggies).  A place where, for a while, I would only dream about eating their Churros with Chai mousse.  A place where I’m holding my next #DenverSugar Tour, because it’s so fantastically out of this world that I want to share it with all of Colorado.

Zengo is a local spot that will blow you away with their supernatural powers whether you’re just enjoying Happy Hour in the lounge, or running the foodie marathon with dessert, plus dinner (dessert should be first).  Even though I’ve always enjoyed their amazing Latin-Asian creations for dinner, the dessert trumps everything.  Especially when paired perfectly by your Tour Guide (aka, your server).  Just ask, they’ll recommend the best pairing for your dessert to take it up a notch.

I’m going with two selections today, because technically one of them is seasonal, and the other is a staple on the dessert menu.  And because I run the site and I’ll do what I want to. So there.

The Seasonal selectionPumpkin Mochi Cake – compote con leche, ancho caramel, caramelized pepita, Mexican crema ice cream, and corn flake crumble.  Pair this one with Casa Noble Tequila to sip on.  Pastry Chef Kathryn Clark is a magician at melding every complimentary texture and flavor you can imagine.  Gooey cake, crunchy corn flakes,  creamy ice cream,  sweet potato, and miso caramel.  Chef did her part to make this creation appear, I did my part to make it magically disappear; we’re the perfect team.

Menu Staple – Modern Mexican Bar – Chili spiced Bavarian mousse, toasted nougat, caramel top, chocolate feuillitine crust, fleur de sel caramel, roasted peanut ice cream.  This one was explained to me as a Snickers Bar, um, way more insane than that.  My teeth may never touch a store bought Snickers again.   A dessert that knocked my nougaty socks off, speaking of nougat it takes them 7 days to make it!  And I could not get enough of the roasted peanut ice cream, so salty and such a perfect compliment to the bar.  Pair your slice with the Warres ‘Otima’ 10 year Tawny for a nutty combination that’ll make  squirrels jealous.

Join us at Zengo for the next #DenverSugar Tour, November 3, or go experience the magic on your own.

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  • October 31, 2012

    Lori Lavender Luz

    You make me laugh. You and the Chef are a good team, but you and I — both good only at the disappearing part — not such a good team.

    Still, I’d love to hang out at Zengo with you!