Zeusvision Revolutionizes Real World Advertising!!!

So this isn’t the traditional dessert/drink recipe post (we’ll have one of those for you later today), but this AWESOME new platform was brought to our attention, and we felt like we should explain it to you. It’s called Zeusvision, and it’s going to revolutionize the way you get messages across to people in the real world. Believe us – there’s almost NO ONE for whom this service wouldn’t be useful. There are soooooo many cool features, but we’ll try to condense them down to the most useful ones for you, our readers. To see the full list of features, you’re going to have to head to their site.



The main issue that small businesses and individuals face when trying to advertise in the real world is cost. For most, it’s prohibitively expensive to get an ad up on Rodeo Drive, or in Beverly Hills, or anywhere else that has authority. People see an ad in one of those places, and automatically assume that said brand has authority, and has “made it”. That makes people more comfortable with the brand, and more likely to associate themselves with it. But who can afford those placements? They always go to the highest bidder, which is probably never going to be you. You’re relegated to the world of online advertisers, along with every other small business ever.


Zeusvision can change that for you. They have the infrastructure, technology, and expertise required to get your message out to people offline, in the real world, for as low as $99. Those prices are pretty comparable to the cost of an online advertising campaign, but come with the added authority of outside, real world ad placement on city buses. Here’s a video of Zeusvision in action.


“Ok,” you say, “but I don’t own a small business. How can I use this service for my benefit?” The possibilities are endless, so we’re going to give you a couple hypothetical scenarios,  highlighting  different technological capabilities that Zeusvision brings to the table.


Scenario 1 – The Romantic Proposal

Joe has been dating Tina for about 2 years now. He’s always been a romantic guy – hand-made birthday gifts, breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day, the whole 9 yards. One problem – Joe wants to propose, but he HAS to top his normal, everyday romantic gesture with a limited budget. Luckily, Joe is an avid Sugar Loco reader, so he knows what to do. He goes to his computer, downloads a graphics template from the Zeusvision website and makes a graphic with Tina’s picture on it with text asking her to marry him. Next, he uploads the proposal image and schedules the time he wants his proposal to play. Because Zeusvision buses have a route with fixed times and geo-locating ads, Joe schedules his proposal to play on a specific street at 12:00 noon, where he’ll be with Tina at a cafe. As it happens, this is the cafe where Tina spilled a coffee on Joe’s lap 2 years ago, sparking their romance. As Zeusvision approaches the cafe he receives a text alerting him that his bus is only 5 minutes away. Once Zeusvision is in sight, he directs Tina’s attention to his proposal graphic. Once she realizes that she is looking at herself on a giant screen bus and she is also being proposed to simultaneously, surprise turns to excitement and a joyful, teary-eyed yes to his question.


Scenario 2 – The Party Invitation

Everyone knows that the parent of the birthday girl’s duties extend FAR beyond the actual party. It’s become a competition between parents for who can throw the coolest party, with the coolest invitations, and the coolest party favors. Sure, maybe the kids don’t actually care at all, but it’s not really about that, is it parents? You can admit that this is an opportunity to get those creative and competitive juices flowing. So here’s an idea for you – You know where your kid’s school is, and what time they have recess, so what says extravagant invitation more than a moving, video billboard that cruises past the packed schoolyard? Or how about the week after the party? You can have the same bus roll by with a picture from the party, thanking everyone for attending. We’re not sure about you, but we’d be pretty pumped to see our smiling faces looking back at us from the passing bus. Believe me – you’ll be the envy of everyone else’s parents. Guess it’s time for them to step their game up.


These are just two examples of what everyday people can do with Zeusvision, but there are SO many more. The only limit is your creativity. Looking to get hired by that big firm in town? Send a bus with your face by their office at 9 am. Looking to congratulate your kid’s team on their big win? Or play an overly targeted April Fools prank on your roommate? All easily doable with Zeusvision. If you have any creative ideas, leave them in the comments. Or better yet, head over to Zeusvision’s Website, Facebook Page, or Twitter Feed for more info, and put that creativity to work  for yourself!

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